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[New Year, New You] Day 9: Alive As You Are Willing to Communicate

While we all know about the power of anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids, few people discuss the fact that you are as alive as you are willing to communicate. What makes some of us more able to communicate and others crawl into our shells? What tricks and tips and solutions can we find to feel more able to confront difficult and uncomfortable situations in our lives. The answers will be found in this series of articles on Communication. Let’s start at the beginning with a look at the only two kinds of communication that are possible and three big reasons why it might not be working the way you expect it to.

There Are Two Kinds of Communication

If you keep on filling a glass of water, without stopping to take a few drinks, eventually it will spill. If you are driving with a full tank of gas and never stop to fill it up, eventually you will be stranded on the side of a road. Communication is a lot like many other kinds of energy in life, it works in flows. There are essentially only two kinds of communication; incoming communication and outgoing communication. There’s communication you put out from you to others and the world around you, then there’s the communication from others and your environment which is coming in at you.

When the balance gets out of whack, as in there’s a significant imbalance of flows, you can start to feel kinda funky. For example:

  • If you listen to too many lectures and read too many articles without taking that information and sharing it, applying it, using it, talking about it, doing something with it, you’ll feel kind of stuck in your head. Whereas, if you learn information and also get the chance to apply it and put it into action and get results, you’ll feel really motivated to learn more.


  • If you let someone talk to you too long without putting in a few of your own words, or sharing your thoughts and ideas, you may end up feeling irritable or overwhelmed.


  • Think of how you feel when you send an important message to someone and you’re waiting for them to reply to you. What about when you send a message and don’t hear back, or when you call for someone and they don’t answer.


  • Letting the balance of incoming and outgoing flows go too far either way, will not feel good. Most of the situations that have been upsetting to you for one reason or another in your life, were very likely situations when this communication balance got WAY out of whack–so far out of whack you didn’t know what to do to handle it–like; accidents & injuries, surgeries, break ups, death, etc.

You can read the rest of the blog article to accompany this podcast here.

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