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Nicole Daedone: Slow Sex & The Art of Female Orgasm

Life is hectic. The pace seems faster now these days and if you want to keep up you are going to have to be able to spit out
what you have to say in an un-punctuated 140 character text message while you are stopped at a red light in traffic on the way to pick up the groceries. Secretly you yearn for something more delicious than this. So in your search for peace, pleasure and a deeply satisfying experience, you run to stacks of self-help books looking for a quick fix, a way out, a way in, something better than these crazy days you just can’t keep up with.

Well ladies, slow down. Slow way down. Even slower. You are about to tap into the vibration of your pleasure. It has been there all along, you were just going too fast to feel it. Nicole Daedone joins our WISH Summit to offer up the possibility that the portal to that sense of peace, pleasure and deeply satisfying sense of fulfillment that you have been yearning for may actually be situated beyond the 8,000 nerve endings in the upper left quadrant of your clitoris.

About Nicole:

Visit Nicole’s web site here.

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