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Pamela Madsein Body Confidence Summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Pamela Madsen: Stop Worrying About How it Looks, So You Can Enjoy How it Feels

You can shop the latest styles and take a while to do your hair so it is just the way you like it. You can primp and preen and powder puff your pretty little bits and pieces. You can wear a great dress, a hot pair of heels and go out for meals in classy restaurants. You can take an hour to decorate your face and conduct yourself as a pillar of social grace and STILL not love the skin you’re in.

No amount of social veneer will bring you nearer to the sense of peace and pleasure you long to experience in your body. And if your livingness has been tied up in knots worrying about how you look, then maybe it’s time to sit back and relax so you can feel how just how good it really is be in that body. Here to guide you deeper on the journey of shamelessly loving the skin you’re in, is the pussy cat of pleasure herself, Pamela Madsen.

NOTE: This is an adult conversation and the language and subject may not be appropriate for little ears.

The Best Bits

[4:00] Getting away from how we look to experience and feel. (Blindfolds involved) 😉

[8:00] How to let go of our discomfort around eroticism.

[20:00] Talking about body shaming and tips to get past it.

[29:50] Tera challenges us in a big way.

[31:15] What it takes to kick butt in this life. (I’m being polite.) 😉

[35:45] Tera & Pamela talks about her sister’s breast cancer, about death and about our responsibility to life.

Links & Resources

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“You can take an hour to paint your face and conduct yourself as a pillar of social grace and still not love the skin you’re in.” – Tera Warner

“No amount of social veneer will bring you nearer to the sense of peace and pleasure you’ve longed to experience in your body.” – Tera Warner

“When you turn the lights off, you open yourself up to perception and feeling and it’s totally a different state of being.” – Tera Warner

“We can all have the erotic in the most everyday moments of life if we choose to allow ourselves to see it, to feel it, as the erotic.” – Pamela Madsen

“What we learn through pleasure, we never forget.” – Pamela Madsen

“Have the audacity to think you’re beautiful!” – Pamela Madsen

“Sometimes we hold onto these patterns of behaving and responding because they prevent us from having to reach out wider.” – Tera Warner

“When we can truly let go and orgasm, when we can truly let go in our physical bodies, death ceases to be quite so scary.” – Pamela Madsen

“When they say, “Can you have it all?”, you know, I think we can it’s just, what is all to you?”- Pamela Madsen

“The most beautiful mountain views come from climbing.” – Tera Warner

“Life is about learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” – Pamela Madsen

“My biggest regret in life Pamela, is that I didn’t build my life around pleasure the way you have.” – Pamela Madsen’s sister Tracey

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