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 Patty Contenta body confidence summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Patty Contenta: The Subtle Art of Body Confidence

When you slouch and slump and drag your feet like a frumpy old bag of bones… When you let self-criticism cause you to completely disconnect from your curves, you forget what it feels like to really move in all your groovy little places.

No matter your size, or shape, when you move with grace, admiration and intention—when you move your body AS IF it is a pleasurable gift from the Gods… When you own and embrace your curves you instantly become magnetically attractive and your confidence goes through the roof. Here to help you navigate the bridge from frumpy to feeling fabulous in the skin your in, is the keeper of Sensuality Secrets, Patty Contenta.

The Best Bits

[5:30] Where some blocks to sensuality and sexual energy can come from.

[8:00] Taking back control of our sensuality and sexual energy.

[12:45] Patty’s definition of sensuality.

[2o:00] Tips for tuning into our bodies.

[23:15] The pros and cons of being a woman.

[26:00] The importance of getting past think to feel.

[27:20] How nature feeds our sensuality.

[30:30] The difference between sensuality and sexuality and why we may have some confusion between them.

[35:35] The difference between a wall and a boundary.


Links and Resources

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Patty’s Website

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“One part of sensuality is – the ability to elevate the senses in order to be more present in your body.” – Patty Contenta

“I think we as women have such tremendous power because we are so capable of giving and loving and flowing and helping and lifting up and supporting, and we have to kind of own the ocean or we get tossed up by it.” – Tera Warner

“The feminine can be neglected because, in the Western world, in order to survive and to be “successful”, you do need the masculine drive and strategy to get you there.” – Patty Contenta

“To the degree that you pull yourself out of presence, you cut sensation off a little bit and so you lack an awareness of your communication choices.” – Tera Warner

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