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[TOOTH Summit] Ramiel Nagel on How to Cure Tooth Decay with Nutrition

When Ramiel’s Nagel’s little girl started developing cavities early in life, he got passionate about discovering the tooth-truth. Rather than subject his one year old daughter to anesthesia and fillings, Mr. Nagel researched the underlying cause of cavities and searched for methods of healing them. He turned this research into a groundbreaking book, Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition.

Ramiel is a dental health educator who imparts a treasure trove of wisdom about healing and preventing cavities with your everyday diet. His tooth decay research has been featured in many media outlets including Nexus Magazine and Fox Business News. He has two very informative websites: www.curetoothdecay.com and www.healingourchildren.org. In the spirit of service to all, Mr. Nagel shares how we can cure tooth decay with nutrition.

What You’ll Learn in This Call:

  • Learn about how Ramiel Nagel through his research was able to reverse a tooth decay of his one-year-old daughter.
  • Learn about standard food combining that indigenous cultures used that lead to healthy teeth and general health.
  • Learn about what you can do on a day-to-day basis that is prime keys for preventing and healing tooth decay.
  • Find out what foods contain this most important vitamin for cavity prevention.
  • Did you know that sun alone is not enough for getting an appropriate amount of Vitamin D?
  • Did you know that cavities don’t always have to be filled, but they can be healed with right diet?
  • Did you know that mercury or other toxins can be related to gum disease?
  • Did you know that almost 100% of root canals are toxic? Find out why.
  • What are the dietary and lifestyle modifications you can do to treat tooth infection?


“Our modern diet is missing fat-soluble vitamins…it is the fat-soluble vitamins that allow our body to use minerals in our diet.”

“Vitamin D or certain foods promote remineralization of bones and also healthy organs. Vitamin D is the most important food factor that solves cavities. “

“It was around 40% reduction in cavities by giving schoolgirls two teaspoons per day of cod liver oil.”

“Cod liver oil is the highest form of vitamin D. And it is important to know that most cod liver oils contain synthetic vitamin D from sheep’s wool.  And there is one – you  may occasionally find a brand of vitamin D – or of cod liver oil that does not have synthetic vitamin D added and it will have a much smaller amount of vitamin D in it.”

“So the theory is that the reason why – this is my theory – the reason why gums recede is because the bone under the gum tissue is degenerating.”

“Melvin Page found gum disease to be related to the calcium phosphorus metabolism.”

“Most people do not realize that if they have had dental treatments that the drilling can cause a lot of torque in the head, and also crowns and root canals can really throw the whole bite off and cause systemic health imbalances or more cavities or gum recession.”

“Dental treatments hide the evidence of decay and degeneration. So just because your tooth is drilled and it has a biocompatible or acceptable composite material in it, does not mean the decay process stops.”

“The average lifespan of a filling from conventional dentistry standards is five to 12 years.”

“The average 40 to 59-year-old in this country has almost half of their teeth affected with cavities.”

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