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Robyn Openshaw body confidence summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Robyn Openshaw: Better Body Confidence Through Simple Lifestyle Changes

It all started a few years ago with a blender, fruit and some leafy greens, when Robyn Openshaw embarked on a mission of helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world improve their health and nutrition. While her website is loaded with incredibly well-researched information about nutrition, detox, weight loss, immunity and so much more, today we invited her here because she cares and because she’s a mom. And these two things have given her insights into something more nourishing than chlorophyll and more cleansing than cayenne pepper—and that’s BODY CONFIDENCE. What does it take to unhook ourselves from obsessive concern about the body, so we can get busy improving our health, living and loving life!

The Best Bits

[4:45] Raising confident daughters.

[9:00] Getting unhooked from body & food obsession to really live your life.

[16:00] The true about and lasting motivation for taking care of yourself.

[19:15] How to reclaim the last 2 feet of freedom (the distance from your hand to your mouth).

[21:00] Tips for mindful eating.

[27:30] How life can drag us off the rails.

[30:30] Some truths about fitness.

[33:40] Diving into the many benefits of detoxing for restoring body health and confidence.

Resources & Links

Robyn’s Website

Robyn’s FaceBook

Dallas Hartwig

GSG Detox


“The scars on my body, the stretch marks from having my babies, all of those are part of me and I embrace them and every one has meaning to me.” – Robyn Openshaw

“I love to think of my body as the place I live in and not who I am. I’m not defined by it.” – Robyn Openshaw

“Weight loss is a byproduct of just eating clean for your health.” – Robyn Openshaw

“We only abuse things that we don’t value, and if you love your body, you’re far less likely to do things to it that are abusive.” – Robyn Openshaw

“There’s so much coming in that we cannot control but that last 2 feet of freedom, the distance between our hand and our mouth, that is a choice we can make.” – Tera Warner

“I feel like what a lot of over-eating is or even body obsession, is reducing our space….we’re withdrawing quite a lot from who we could be.” – Tera Warner

“We just accept that brain-fog comes with aging, but it doesn’t have to.” – Robyn Openshaw

“Sometimes people don’t realize that their being stuck in negative thoughts actually is a biochemical thing and you can fix it by cleaning up your diet and detoxing.” – Tera Warner

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