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Sarah-Lynne Hills

Sarah-Lynne Hills: Overcoming 30 Years of Depression, Anxiety & PTSD With the Power of True Friendship

Sometimes life deals a harsh blow. Sometimes, we get knocked down by loss, pain, accidents, illness, death and broken hearts. And when we get stuck in the muck of life, we can feel more sadness, confusion, fear or anxiety than we know how to handle. And unfortunately, in the field of mental health, the socially acceptable solutions we find are often far more threatening and harmful to us than the conditions themselves

When “help” looks like 20 years of “treatments” with 38 different medications, 17 different health care practitioners, multiple hospitalizations, 24 electroconvulsive shock treatments and still no lasting relief of the symptoms, we have to admit that we are doing something wrong in the field of mental health care.

Fortunately, we don’t have to look very far or ready very many thick books to find solutions. Inherent in the human spirit, built into the fabric of every decent friendship, are the essential elements of what it takes to bring a person out of the darkness of self-sabotage and into the light of self-acceptance with hope, optimism and the creation of a future.  Here to tell her story of how it happened, is my client and now very dear friend, Sarah Hills.

Best Bits

  • Sarah’s story.
  • Why Sarah consented to receiving electroconvulsive shock treatments, and how the alternative seemed worse.
  • The exact tool we used to finally solve what 20 years of mental health care treatments couldn’t.
  • What her medical doctor of 20 years says about the progress she’s seen us make in one year.

Resources & Links

Link to the Virtual Retreat (This is the original course Sarah signed up for.)

Link to Sarah’s Timeline

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