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SARK: Live Like the Movie Star You Are

You love chocolate, and movies, and reality TV. You love flowers and cute kids that sit on your knee. You love talking with friends, and reading good books, and giggling to yourself when some hottie in the street gives you a look. You love spring, and sweet smells, and delightful dessert; so it doesn’t make sense that sometimes when you look in the mirror, it hurts.
It’s a wonder that in spite of your enormous love, overwhelming generosity and kindness towards others; you sometimes struggle to give it to yourself. That’s why we have invited the world’s most succulent, self-loving superstar, SARK, to help you finally start living like the movie star you are.

Visit Sark’s website here.

Comments ( 2 )
  • Jodie Lea Cleave says:

    Tera thank you so much for reposting this juicey interview! This is the first, but certainly NOT the last time I’ll listen in, SARK you’re my kind of woman! Be warned bed rolling may produce mile wide smiles 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    Looking forward to hearing more!

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