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Sean Stephenson: Care About People, Not What They Think of You

If you’ve ever wanted to stay home from a party because your pants were too tight, or if you ever felt insecure about your hair, your hips or  the shape of your lips… If you ever felt you couldn’t do what you wanted to do or be who you wanted to be, or have what you wanted to have because someone else or something else was in your way, then this is your wake up call.

While his three-foot body is confined to a wheel chair because of a crippling bone disease, his character, charm, integrity and determination to live  a magnificent life have made him an inspiration to millions, and, as we explore in this call, he’s a heart throb to the women who are touched by his presence.

This call happened BEFORE Sean met the love of his life and current wife, Mindie Kniss. We’ll talk all about that in his upcoming call as part of the Body Confidence Summit!

The Best Bits

[5:45] How limiting beliefs get created and how they affect you
[9:40] What does and doesn’t work for removing limiting beliefs
[11:48] How and why we self sabotage
[15:00] What it takes to have an amazing life
[22:00] What it takes to have a committed relationship
[27:31] How our fears control us
[33:00] What to look for in a healthy relationship
[35:00] The differences of masculine and feminine energy and why they are both beautiful
[41:00] Sean’s standards for women in his life
[49:15] The best way to respond to getting hurt
[52:00] What you should be looking for when you want to get into a relationship
[55:30] How to let go of what people think of you and your life
[58:15] Best self-love advice ever

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