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Sean Stephenson: How to Rid Your Life of Insecurity

So your butt is too wide and your chin too long. You have flabby arms, stringy hair, flaky skin, and sagging breasts. With your thick thighs, and crossed-eyes  you’d better just pack in your social life and call it all quits. There’s really no point going out or reaching out if you’re a Photoshop perfect picture of glossy magazine beauty.

Unless, of course, you have something more valuable to offer the world than pore-less skin. 😉 Here to shake up the body-haters and bellyachers and help you make friends with your body is the king of kicking excuses to the curb, Sean Stephenson.

Last time we talked to Sean it was on the Nature of relationships, polarity, seduction and your irresistible allure. You can find that call here.

Sean also created a great video about Body Confidence and you can find it here.

Best Bits:

[6:00] Sean’s near death experiences.

[11:00] Details of first accident and the impact.

[16:00] What really matters in life.

[20:50] Elephant in the room – the biological facts. (We can be more.)

[25:30] Men’s body image fears

Links & Resources

Sean’s Website

Sean’s FaceBook

Sean’s YouTube channel


“If you, from within do not love the container you have, no amount of exercise, eating perfect, external comments on social media, NONE OF THAT is ever going to satiate and fill that void inside your heart.” – Sean Stephenson

“Men struggle with insecurities, too. We are riddled with them. We just don’t talk about them with the same vulnerability as you do.” – Sean Stephenson

“When somebody loves you, they ONLY see you as beautiful.” – Sean Stephenson

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