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Sheila Kelley: Tone Your Body & Awaken Your Sensuality

It’s time to call up on your inner kitten. You can pull out your  dainty underwear and let you inhibition go, because for the next little while we’ll be talking about you, your body and how you use it. How do you embrace your feminine expression through movement and what can doing so offer you emotionally, physically, sensually.

Sheila Kelley has taken the taboo off seduction and strip teasing. Thanks to her work with the S-Factor, the sultry moves we once associated with dingy night clubs are now being brought into the bedrooms and living rooms of women everywhere. These are more than just tools of seduction, the S-Factor teaches a powerful form of self-expression that is changing the lives of women everywhere, and there’s an army of men who aren’t complaining either.

Anyone struggling with body issues, a struggle to feel good in your skin, this call is a MUST. Bust out of the box that keeps you feeling stiff and stifled and stuck and embrace the flow your gorgeous curves have gifted you with! Sheila Kelley just rocks in this call!

Visit Sheila’s website here.

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