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sheri winston body confidence summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Sheri Winston: The Secret Map to Your Buried Pleasure

How is it that we can spend so much money on clothes, make-up and primping paraphernalia to make us “pretty…” so much time counting calories, banishing cellulite and worrying about the way we look… and yet, for all the time and attention we spend obsessively concerned with our bodies, we haven’t got the slightest clue how the most pleasurable parts of us actually work.

Our quest to achieve body confidence brings us now to an insightful investigation of the fact that the most powerfully pleasurable parts of your body have been shrouded in mystery, inaccessible medical terminology and socially dysfunctional crap. Here to put truth on the table and share the secret maps to your buried pleasure is the powerhouse of passion, Sheri Winston.

The Best Bits

[6:30] Trying to change the culture of childbirth.

[7:30] Healing our issues around sexuality.

[11:00] The “Map of Buried Pleasure”.

[23:00] The purpose of sex.

[27:30] What’s waiting on the other side of our “Pleasure Maps”?

[32:00] The confusing language around our sexuality.

[38:00] Healing our vagina shame.

[45:45] Free gift from Sheri for listeners.

Resources & Links

Sheri’s Website

Sheri’s Book

Sheri’s Free Gift


“We’re a culture that’s all about these surface pleasures, these short-term, temporary, almost faux pleasures. – Deep pleasure, lasting, genuine, life-enhancing pleasure, is a different animal.” – Sheri Winston

“Pleasure helps us be present; Presence helps us be aware of and feel and enhance and amplify pleasure.” – Sheri Winston

“Sometimes we operate with false truths that keep us stuck in a perspective that is incorrect.” – Tera Warner

“The amount of crap that pushes down on us in life is more than one woman should ever have to fight against alone.” – Tera Warner

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