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Syd & Soma: The Link Between Breast Cancer & Bras

Breasts–the cornerstone of sustenance for the human body and a beautiful, nurturing nest for babies and beloved ones. Or so they should be. In a matrix of marketing, in an era where fashion has ignored function, and seduction is senior to safety, breasts are bound and bolstered, strapped and strangled and now we have a problem.

It doesn’t take more than a basic lesson in physics and common sense to see that women and young girls these days are dressed to kill in more ways than one. Here to explain their discoveries about what lingerie is doing to our lady parts and propose a few solutions to healthy breast care are Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer.

We could only find a high quality picture of Sydney, but this call was also recorded with his beautiful partner, Soma.

Get Syd and Soma’s book here.

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