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It’s Been Almost 10 Years. I’m Ready to Talk About It Now. -

Tera’s Soapbox Talks: It’s Time to Tell My Story

Life can seem to be a series of random, unpredictable events, until the day you get knocked on the head by a spiritual sledgehammer and are forced to figure things out in a more meaningful way. My spiritual sledgehammer struck nearly 10 years ago while I was living in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. At that time, I thought I had a dream job, a dream home and a dreamy relationship with my business partner and best friend.

Then, more rapidly than I could possibly process, the whole thing came crashing down and I was homeless, alone and confused. This podcast explains the whole story and some of the commitments and realizations that have come about as a result of this experience.

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Tera’s blog prefacing this story.

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