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teresa tapp body confidence summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Teresa Tapp: Postures Secrets of the Professionals for Better Body Confidence in Minutes!

When it comes to achieving Body Confidence, sometimes you have to get a little sweaty and do what it takes to feel good inside your skin. Having worked with the bodies of the world’s most successful models, as well as with beautifully wrinkled, saggy-skinned and overweight women of all races and ages and creeds, Teresa Tapp knows what it takes to help women achieve body confidence. Her unique workout style empowers women to not just sculpt and tone their bodies, but to actually understand how they work bringing a whole new level of confidence and control to women. We’ve asked her to join our summit to and her squeegee techniques and cheer-leading charm will have you loving the skin you’re in, in no time.

The Best Bits

[4:15] Tips for becoming ageless

[5:30] The truth about models and the secret to their looking confident

[8:30] Benefits of and detailed instructions for proper posture

[17:30] Mindful movement and nerve transmission benefits

[18:30] Why we gain weight in different areas of our body as we age and how to fix it

[29:00] Where to access great freebies from Teresa

[34:30] How to have the best butt

[36:00] Benefits of muscle memory

Resources & Recommended Links

Teresa Tapp’s Website

Teresa’s Youtube Channel

Teresa’s Facebook Page

T-Tapp Tuesdays

Basic Plus Workout

Diva Derriere Workout

Target Pop 3

Comments ( 15 )
  • Renee Geiken says:

    I’ve done t-tap for around 15 years. Two years ago I was very sick with a severe potassium deficiency. I went through months of physical therapy to re-learn how to balance and walk again. After a couple of months I decided to try step away the inches. I had my walker in front of me and a chair behind me. I was VERY slow but I did it every day 🙂 When I went back to therapy a week later he was SHOCKED at how much I had improved! He took notes as I told him about Teresa 🙂 I am so very thankful for her teachings! Her section on here today about posture reminded me of how lazy I’ve gotten and specifics on how to improve it 🙂 Thank you for having her on. She is such an encouragement and inspiration 🙂

    • Linda Osmond says:

      Renee, your story is SO encouraging. I am a T-Tapp Master Trainer, and I’ve had my own health experiences with T-Tapp. I never tire of hearing great stories of improved health and vitality. So thankful you shared it her to inspire and encourage others in their journeys to greater health and increased confidence in who they are.

      May I share your story with others, too?

    • B honeybee says:

      Thank you !

  • Carolyn says:

    Thank you, I love Theresa Tapp. I have one of her dvds but have not done it in awhile and I really needed this reminder about how good her workouts can be.

  • Diana Auld says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I love how the exercises can be done anytime anywhere. I always sit at the front of the chair & now U have explained why certain muscles don’t go flabby. Many thanks.
    Regards Diana.

  • Jodie L Cleave says:

    I feel taller already!!!!

  • Maggie says:

    I listened to the interview on the tube on my way to work in London and kept on smiling to myself throughout 🙂 Teresa’s tips are awesome in their simplicity! I was mindful of my posture all day (and will be from now on!) – I found it fascinating to notice how many muscles are engaged in as simple an activity as standing. My back remained straight all day and I smiled at my upright reflection in the shop windows! 🙂
    I have just finished the Diva Derriere- I love the BURN! 😀

  • Olive says:

    I never knew of Teresa but so glad to be introduced now! What a wonderful way to start our session! I am feeling more powerful already! I can hardly wait to check out her site, you-tubes, videos and continue our workshop!
    Many Thanks to ALL!!! 🙏🏽

  • Brooke says:

    I’m so glad I got to listen to Teresa Tapp. It doesn’t matter what my size is, I can feel good and benefit from these tips!

  • sandy says:

    Soo fun to listen and hear the passion she has for what she does. Makes me want to look into it even more.

  • Faith Anderson says:

    Have scoliosis in my back, and need to work on my posture and core muscles. Your comments all sound wonderful, but I could not get the interview to play. Any suggestions? Thank you, Faith

  • B honeybee says:

    Thank you !

  • Lourdes says:

    What wonderful program, Ms. Tara Warner! Thank you for getting the info on diva derrierre for all of us to enjoy. A tush can never be fit enough!!!!
    And I will look stronger, prouder, and healthier with my new posture tips.
    Yes, you can!

  • Marie says:

    I have been doing the T-Tapp exercises for a little less than 2 months. Within 9-10 days after I had started I had a lot less pain and that was with only the Senior fit intro to the actual senior fit DVD. Also after just doing the senior fit intro for three weeks I had 80% less pain. I am so thankful for these exercises. I feel the best I ever have and feel younger than I did just weeks ago. Lord willing I will do these until I am 100 years old.

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