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[Back to the Wild] Thomas Elpel: How to Learn Botany In a Day

“We are all on one great survival trip trying to figure out how to meet our needs for shelter, fire, water and food, preferably without destroying the planet in the process. That is really the bottom line. How can we sustainably meet our needs for shelter, fire, water and food without consuming all the earth’s resources, without altering the climate and without being enslaved to a meaningless job until we die?”

This is a quote from my next guest’s speech, The New Era of Self Sufficiency, shared at the Alaska Bioneer’s Conference. He is the author of a wealth of books on wilderness survival skills, sustainable living, sustainable building, botany and relating to the natural world. He founded a Green University for young adults and an Outdoor Wilderness Living School for children. Just by spending an evening indulging in his website, hollowtop. com, I became even more knowledgeable, more inspired and more impressed by this man’s passion and commitment to really living and really living in harmony with nature and with each other.

Here to talk to us about botany, getting back in communication with nature and affordable ecological housing is the author, entrepreneur and eco-philosopher, Thomas J. Elpel.

Learn More About Thomas J. Elpel here.

Learn More About Alison Ramsay here.https://www.facebook.com/alisonramsay.nz/

You can catch the full transcript to this interview here.

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